The Hyper-X Evaporating Dryer from Singnergy offers low energy sludge drying solutions, operate in minimal space requirement. Hyper-X dryer consumes less than 0.65kWh of heat energy per kg of water removal, more than 35% of energy savings compared to conventional thermal dryers.

A continuous and evenly distributed wet sludge fed between belt and hot drum; When the sludge comes into contact with the hot surface, it forcibly destroy cell membrane of sludge, evaporate free and absorbed water within the sludge into vapor rapidly. An uniform compression are applied to the sludge against the hot surface, thus accelerating water evaporation rate from 1.5 to 3 times compare to without pressing.  

The Hyper-X dryer is based on a system of indirect heating. All the heat from the heating medium is efficiently used to evaporate the water from sludge. The heat loss through drying process will be replenished by external heating system, boiler or heaters.

The heat transfer avoid air flows, while enclosed operation with good ventilation enable safe treatment of any type of sludge.

The vapour generated is fed to a wet scrubber without any sweep gas being added. This means that the volume is limited to the amount of water vapour collected in the dryer's chamber. The small amount of non-condensables in the exhaust vapor can be post treated to keep emissions to an absolute minimum.





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