Low energy consumption
less than 0.65kWh/kg of water removal, saving more than 35% of energy compared to typical thermal dryers

Low infrastructure cost
very compact design, small footprint

Low maintenance cost
low wear and tear due to low mechanical speed, lesser auxiliary equipment

Cost saving
cuts final cake volume by more three quarter; reduce disposal transportation, incineration and storage costs

Single-pass operation

drying through the ‘sticky or pasty’ phase; hence no back mixing of dried product with input wet sludge

No special pretreatment requirement of the input wet sludge

Indirect heating without the need of sweeping air/gas

Easy setup
less auxiliary equipment and ducting work at site

Treat almost all kinds of sludge

Suitable for wide range of input sludge's solid content from 12%ds to 40%ds

Suitable for partial or full sludge drying; produce final product with dry solid content from 40%ds to 90%ds

Accept various energy source, electric, LNG, LPG, Biogas, diesel, biomass etc

each dryer can be controlled individually

Enclosed, slight negative pressure and good ventilated drying chamber

Self inertisation by the large evaporated water


Hyper-X : Evaporating dryer