Rapid and dynamic economic development has led to climate change which is a cause for great concern on environmental awareness. The sludge issue is becoming alarming for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant operation as volumes of sludge to be disposed of are on the rise and landfills are reaching saturation level. There is an urgent need for new technologies to reduce sludge volume or turn sludge waste into bi-products or renewable energy products.

Singnergy is a company that specializes in Energy Efficient sludge drying solutions. We offer sludge drying solutions to address the growing concern of sludge waste from industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.

Our sludge drying system, Hyper-X, is ranked amongst the most energy efficient systems, saving more than 35% of energy as compared to typical thermal drying processes. Hyper-X is a compact sludge drying system which is able to handle almost all kinds of sludge.

To further augment our growth and expansion plans, we became a member of the Crescendas Group (www.crescendas.com), a multi-business group with interest in property development, hospitality, technology, distribution and manufacturing. With a strong financial backing, we are able to leverage on our resources to provide you (our clients) a leasing service of our equipments at your premises.



The development of our innovative dryer goes way back to 2009 when we explored the methodology of pressing sludge against a surface of high temperature, thus accelerating water evaporation rate. Since then, many tests were conducted to prove that the energy consumption could be lower.

In 2010, we launched the energy efficiency dryer under trademark Hyper-X. Through extensive research and development, we now own several innovative patents in energy efficient sludge dryer technology.

In 2013, we launched the 2nd generation Hyper-X, which is more versatile in handling all kinds of sludge from highly organic to totally inorganic sludge.

2014 marked another milestone when Singnergy Corporation Pte Ltd became a member of the Crescendas Group.

Our customers range from South East Asia, East Asia and all the way to Europe.

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